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our Contributor said to me that previous poll might be compromised my those who post mirrors;
since the results was like 91% (to keep mirrors) against 9% (to dismiss), the idea feels quite likely.

The overall noise around this thing is going on because:
- Contributors don't want anyone to post mirrors to their posts (for a well known reason...);
- I'm supporting mirrors because i don't want posts to die;
- now we decided to disable mirrors for Contributors only (you won't be able to post mirrors to Contributor's post), with condition that Contributors will keep their posts alive and reupload links themselves.

But, as i always said, AudioZ belongs to all of you, members;
so it's up to you to decide.

The current poll is a widget that i've got from a Poll Service Web-site, it's very well protected, so those who want to cheat and make multiple vote, won't be able to.

Simply choose your option, press Vote! and you'll be forwarded to another page with some text on russian and CAPTCHA - you know the drill, put those numbers in there and press the button.

Please participate in this poll!
results will rule the future of AudioZ.

my personal opinion on this matter:
We probably should remove the option to post mirrors to Contributor's posts.
Many of them buy stuff themselves, and expect to get the money back on downloads... I'm not saying it's a good thing to make money on uploads, but the fact is - this is what keeps them going.

Personally, I only care for the posts to stay alive. If they promise to provide link updates, then it's definitely Win/Win for both Members and Contributors.

and those who post mirrors, can still post them to other members posts.


  Resident 27.03.2012 63
I think a contributer should have control of the post and be able to delete mirrors if he really wants. Those Vengeance packs aren't cheap.

But, if a contributer does delete the mirrors it won't stop people posting and getting the stuff from other sites. You're just driving them elsewhere and hurting yourself in the long run, so you may as well leave them and just ask nicely that people use YOUR links instead of the mirror, and make sure you provide enough of your own links that people don't need to resort to the mirror at all.
  Resident 10.09.2011 223 1563
happyshoppa2 Good talk but iam not with you 100% on
contributer should have control of the post and be able to delete mirrors if he really wants

i have this idea if contributer post a product cost more than 70 dollars no one post mirrors on it untill 5 days or never. like that he can get back money SAiNT note this in rules.

if contrubuter or member + or sample members bought A product cost more than 80 dollars posting mirrors or links on comment's is prohabitted i think this is good idea. but in condition the poster must have 1 or 2 links alive(Free links) like uploaded or something like that.

I think this is better idea.

Like vengeance product's they are cost 99 dollars those product's must no one post mirrors on theme like strong sound post in his post no mirrors plz coz he pay on it good money.

but as i now most of contributer's here post on more than 10 site's on the net they get their money back in less than month i now that. and there is who post more than 20 site's i now theme.

thnkx this is my point of view so you can like it or dislike it .

Best regards
  Resident 28.01.2012 2 88
Saint I don't see the poll any where on this page ...(Am I missing something?)

IMO mirrors are welcome , I don't have premium account on any of the hosters and I do use interchangeable because you can download big packs from several hosters and complete the download faster...
although I think a settlement should be a good thing... and so I can say that the contributors add their links and for XXX time no one is allowed to post mirror links (lets say for about a week from the time the contributor uploaded the content)
and in this menner all the sides will be happy ... :)
any way let me know when I can vote in....

LargeZ good points !
  Resident 17.05.2010 362
I remember a few months ago there were all these arguments going on between some of the uploaders, one pointing the finger at the other screaming about who got here first with a post, and this one is poaching on that one.... like these guys own the rights to the friggin stuff they're sharing in the first place!!

Now more gripes with these guys that mirrors shouldn't be allowed. Where the F does that come from? If you don't have the mirrors here on this site, and people want those mirrors and those choices, they're just going to go some other site to find them. DON'T YOU GUYS GET IT, YOU'RE KILLING THIS SITE WITH YOUR BULL CRAP! There's always some place else to find these downloads. If you don't offer the mirror here, people will find the mirror somewhere else!!!

Keep giving these guys their way and in a few months they'll probably drop by demanding that we should all have to pay them out of pocket if we want them to continue to upload stuff. I can just see it now.... a paypal widget for each friggin uploader rofl

These guys are full o crap! If they don't like things how they are, maybe they should just move on.... someone will always show up here to take their place. All this arguing with these uploaders, and all their bullshit demands are making this place a drag! IF YOU'RE EARNING LESS AS AN UPLOADER NOW IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE USING HOSTS THAT SOME COUNTRIES CAN'T DOWNLOAD FROM. You're not going to make up the friggin difference by screwing people with mirrors. As it is I used to be able to get all my stuff here, now I've got to find torrents for at least 50-75% of what I'd like to get a hold of. You mofo's keep this up, pretty soon you'll be uploading and there will be no one left here to download the stuff.

"It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken"
  Resident 9.12.2011 106
now we decided to disable mirrors for Contributors only (you won't be able to post mirrors to Contributor's post), with condition that Contributors will keep their posts alive and reupload links themselves.,

i agree with this.. it makes sense..

we cant make audioz become under the radar like piratebay..

i cant even go on piratebay anymore

secrecy is the best option, and to keep mirrors only by the original uploader..
Keepin Audioz A Secret Since 2011
  Resident 17.01.2011 24
yeah they need to learn how to separate files. I dont have a fast internet connection. And all i want is the midi... Sorry for sounding like a troll but contributers dont separate this is why i support mirrors.

just saying
  Resident 6.05.2012 26
if they keep links alive, i don't care. but i have seen a lot of dead links here.

but a big thanks to all uploaders :)
  Resident 9.04.2011 684
I understand your points of view, guys, and all of them make sense. It all depends on which side you are: uploader or downloader. I'm a downloader, but I think the uploaders are doing a GREAT work here, and this is a big part of AudioZ success, DON'T FORGET IT. Also, the more mirrors the better, just becuase posts have a much longer life. IF (and ONLY "IF"), uploaders check regularly and maintain their posts with a good deal of THEIR OWN mirrors, all alive, for me it's OK, too. But the question is: would this actually happen???. If someone looks for, say, a year old post, would it be alive???. Mmmhhh...

AudioZ has been great until now, allowing mirrors. But, of course, there are other ways (that could be even better, who knows???).

[@xXxuploadxXx: you absolutely ROCK with all those reuploads!!! headbang ]
.....::::: The best warez are yet to come :::::.....
  Resident 10.08.2010 343
I understand the problem and respect the work, efforts and time of the uploaders but first if you buy something it's first and foremost for yourself...nobody is forcing you to post it anywhere and above all no one should plan to buy something, whatever that is, so as to afterwards post and share it in order to make money, that's utterly ridiculous a reasoning ...just like buying a car and expecting to find people everyday to pool so as to avoid paying for gas and maintenance..and still enjoy driving the car!

also, most uploaders are using mirrors that work well only in a few countries or require premium to download..and more often that not, they are blocked where I live...so the more mirrors the better!
Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
  Resident 31.10.2010 54
How about a 3 day no mirror period, split the difference.
  Resident 22.01.2012 131
I think that first off,NO ONE is forcing anyone who contributes or re-uploads,to do so.& if they choose to stop doing so if just sharing out of sheer magnanimity,or impulsed by sole love of fiscal gain,is not cutting it for them anymore...well they are free to do that.Be it out of sole solidarity with the community of struggling musicians who are not fucking billionaires to be able to legitimately procure whatever here or wherever in a snap,or better yet said those ones who actually give thanks,appreciate,& don't clutter the site with loads of fucking disgustingly ungrateful or annoying crap;or if so just out of mere greedy & money grubbing thirsts & agendas...well either way whatever is still GREATLY APPRECIATED as long as it's made available by their or whoever's hand.


& like rico88 said also...be it here or somewhere else,if a post is conflicted be it due to unavailability of the host service in a given region,or its death & un-revival thanks to the corresponding but oblivious & careless contributor that does not tend to re-uping even if courteously requested upon,well ANY will go search for whatever elsewhere. Simple as that. Don't get me wrong...I REALLY APPRECIATE WHATEVER ANY CONTRIBUTORS PROVIDE BE IT OR NOT IF----THEY THEMSELVES MANY TIMES ----SIMPLY ALSO IMPORTED WHAT THEY PUT UP STRAIGHT FROM ANOTHER SITE...AND/BUT I ALSO APPRECIATE MIRRORS GREATLY BECAUSE I'VE BEEN ABLE TO COME ABOUT MANY MANY GREAT THINGS SOLELY THANKS TO THE LATTERS' EXISTENCE.


But any who...just my two cents.Long live AudioZ,& the community that isn't fucking & clowning around here with mindless or juvenile BS;or acting like assholes on some sorts of extremely INVIABLE ''moral horses'' when it comes to wares,or better yet not really wanting to share them while staying truer to what the REAL PURPOSE OF THEM BEING IS & ALWAYS SHOULD BE!
Live 2 build a legit,lustrous,& legendary legacy.Much else is meaningless.
  Resident 10.08.2010 343
in the end I guess this is somewhat making mountains out of molehills...

I cant see any reason why someone would choose to deliberately "boycott" an uploader...so long as the uploader in question provides the right "kind" of mirrors, people are more than likely to use them...and if he doesn't, they will probably not download anyway, and will get it from some place else instead, where there will be alternative links...so removing mirrors will not help uploaders make more money...

this is pretty much the SOPA way of thinking but applied to a different situation...we're sort of reaching the bottom of the barrel here...
Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
  Resident 22.07.2011 1440
@LargeZ = I've been trying to kill that bug on my screen without success - Lol!

Links and mirrors! My first choice is always to help the uploader by using his own links. But if the links are lame (or you're being forced to get premiun to download) then I have no choice but to use the supplied mirrors (whenever available).

I've seen 30 gig files here with only two links to DL [without mirrors] with both hosters demanding premium to download (when that happens you're forced to google around for different hosters or use torrents as an alternative). It's sad to see guys here at AudioZ crying for someone to supply alternate mirrors cause they can't DL from the uploader's links.

Not all hosters are [always] available to Dl files from around the world and when available the speed varies (gets faster or slower) depending of the geographical region from where you're downloading. Like I said, we should always go first for the uploader, but having more alternatives is better for everybody!

One more thing. AudioZ is famous for being "the place" where you find a huge choice of links and mirrors to download. Why change it? rofl
I got peace not of this world!
  Cleaner 22.01.2012 4847 2737
Guys, I densely work with a remote material. If you can't download something - write to me and everything is reducible.
  Resident 10.08.2010 343
yeah I remember you I once asked you to upload a small file somewhere else, on a free host....and you refused as you only work with a few mirrors of your own choice...so that's pretty useless advertising!
Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1005 9329
@ Saint First of all thank you for all the work you are doing to give the best site for musicians ever, and for keeping it as a democracy, even if it is more complicated.

I believe that it is more complicated than just say yes or no to a poll.

I dont know if it is possible, but may be a good solution could be to

1 give each contributor the choice to have other posting mirrors or not.
2 What is absolutely not logical is when the original links are working and someone post a mirror to the same server, this should be prohibited always.

Some contributors may keep their links alive, but may not post on certain servers that some users may need, so this is why mirrors are so important.

Personally, by respect for posters, I always try to use the links from the original poster first, and only look for mirror if the links are dead or if I need an other server.

So the answers would be like this: clicking both answer for different reason.

Mirrors - are they actually useful?
Yes, Always! when the original links are not what I need or are dead
No, I use links provided by the post's author every time that it is possible for me because I want the poster to be rewarded.

Not easy decision.... dunno
  Resident 10.08.2010 343
2 What is absolutely not logical is when the original links are working and someone post a mirror to the same server, this should be prohibited always.

I guess it's as simple as that....
Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
  Resident 13.08.2010 4 436
i'm easy, i have about 30 hosters to choose from. but i like when 'free user' gets 250mb links, that's my only concern. not all posters did it, only a few.

we can trial it for 1 week see how it goes?? i'm in.
Loves AudioZ. 10/10
  Resident 10.09.2011 223 1563
Bonjorno ,Ok that's my opinions :
1- you can make mirrors just for the 2 or 3 first who post mirrors mean just 3 persons have right's to post mirrors who come first is first.
2- or disable mirrors after posting with 12 hours or 1 Days.
3- How can contributer keep their links alive if he have more than 3000 post's how it work this.
4 - a contributer now talk about money this is shame if contributer hadn't get back his money from his post long ago he will not continue to post here.

-----So i now and i now that all contributer's most of theme get their money back in 2 days, example they make more than 40 dollars with one host how they can't get back their money back tell me is jok this----

Finally a better choice is to limite mirrors to the first tow or three persons that post. or desactivate mirrors for a limited time after posting than enable.

or the good choice is let it us it now everyone post mirrors and he we go everyone get download.
  Resident 16.10.2010 35
Mirrors are always useful.
  Resident 23.01.2012 9 107
Hum, when SOPA start,we lost many host.actually all the tvshow and movie released by our team was deleted or dead because of the host. some big host same as filesonic,fileserve,wupload and... shutdown ,and other host same as mediafire,ul.to,freakshare start to delet our file !!!!! It was very horrible Period. but some people show up and make mirror and make many of the link alive !
mirroring is not bad, but when we talk about Contributor the situation is different.
i just said what we are do on our warez group maybe its help :
first we banned all the people to make mirror. after we setup new group. the Contributor ,same as audioz they are most choose any file host want ,8 at Maximum. in fact they are usually choose famous host . after that we setup other group the mirrorez ! they can choose other host to make (the host that Contributor don't choose it). now its don. but we still have big problem ! ,discipline !.
we decided to have this rule same as @xXxuploadxXx said : if Contributor post be dead and 1 week passed.the mirrorez can make mirror on any host they want(audioz can change this time but its not more than 1 week). but we have another problem ! which mirrorez make mirror for dead post ?
for this we make one option for mirrorez . if post is dead they can check the option.the person who cheked it first(mirrorez group) have 12 hours to make mirror (for small size) or 1 day (for larg one more than 10 GB). if he/she cant make mirror on time another can tick the option and try.(Waver: if the mirrorez time is past and first or secont or... of them cant make mirror on time the contributor can tick option to reserve ,and get back their post when they are do that any body can make mirror just they link and same for contributor when mirrorez make mirror they can re-up link (because they don't try to make it alive !)
i think this kind of rules is be great for every body actually many post is be alive again and contributor try harder to re-up they link.! yes
but our situation little bit different than Audioz . but i hope it can help or at least get some idea . wink
  Resident 9.04.2011 684
Oh... yeah... I forgot to say that, for a matter of respect to the original uploader (=common sense), I use the original uploader's links/mirrors about 99% of the times. *IF* all are dead, then I use somebody else's mirror (which, in turn, happens in very few cases -- very old posts and so...).

If everyone followed this simple rules (using somebody else's mirrors only as the last solution) I guess everything would be easier for all of us. Uploaders would be happy AND we would have many extra mirrors. No conflicts.

'Nuff said...


And there should be a 3rd response in the poll [my favourite one!]:

Mirrors - are they actually useful?
1) Yes, Always!
2) No, I use links provided by the post's author
3) I ALWAYS use links provided by the post's author as the first option, but it's nice to have [many other] mirrors, just in case...

.....::::: The best warez are yet to come :::::.....
  Resident 24.03.2009 3 276
Original Posters should have a 2 week exclusivity.

before other posters can mirror.


  Resident 6.07.2011 78 756
The bottom line is what is more important? What the members want, or what the Uploaders want? This is the second poll and from the last results I've seen it has been pretty unanimous that the members want mirrors. Let the members decide which links they want to use. The Uploaders don't have the time make sure all of their links are working. No mirrors means that articles will die sooner and more often. Besides, if the Uploaders used filehosts that people actually wanted to use, we wouldn't be having this conversation. And I seriously doubt the Uploaders are purchasing all of the materials they are sharing here.
What you allow is what will continue
  Resident 10.09.2011 223 1563
this is pretty much the SOPA Here onn audioZ
  Member 1.11.2008 328
"my personal opinion on this matter:
We probably should remove the option to post mirrors to Contributor's posts.
Many of them buy stuff themselves, and expect to get the money back on downloads... I'm not saying it's a good thing to make money on uploads, but the fact is - this is what keeps them going."

this is a joke or? unbelievable bullshit!

lysergyk and other members said it better than i can with my non-native english!
  Resident 10.08.2010 1 61
I have to say thnks for all that is given, but i do like the fact that there are mirrors, because some of the links our country wont allow us to access. So we have to use the mirrors of others.

I guess the big difference that i have is that I wish that some would use a site and continue to use it. See I have no problem buying an account form ryushare filesonic fileshare etc... but i lose money when there can't be one site that is agreeable by all.

Like before all the fileshare problems it was understandable that what ever the poster posted i was sure there was going to be at least a rapidshare link. But now without mirrors i would have to have at least a few different accounts in order to download some choice gems,that is if my country will allow the site in the first place.

So if possible keep mirrors, but let's agree on a site that can be used by everyone. so that I don't have to shell out a ton of money through different share sites.

  Resident 9.04.2011 684
xXxuploadxXx: this is pretty much the SOPA Here onn audioZ

No way, bro. In fact, this is the exact opposite from the SOPA; there is some REAL democracy here. SAiNT is doing a poll, asking people, and letting us say what we think. BEFORE.

SOPA is no democracy. No poll. No asking people. No letting people say what they think before taking a decision. SOPA is "we have the power = we do what others who have the power want us to do".

The exact opposite...

[And the fact that we don't agree has nothing to do with the fact that you absolutely ROCK with all you reuploads!. Kudos once again!.]
.....::::: The best warez are yet to come :::::.....
  Resident 10.09.2011 223 1563
AudioTiger: mates
  Contributor 3.05.2011 474 3101
well i think the idea to enable mirrors later - let say 8+ hours is pretty good.

ok i voted "YES" cos sometimes uploaded make mistakes and do not split files for free users or use crappy hosters.
i would go with yeo(yes and no)

i know that sometimes mirrors are pretty fast and the original uploader gets no downloads from their uploads.

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